Love and Romance

What Does True Love Feel Like?

Considering that the dawn of humankind, we have been checking out, experiencing, and attempting to split the secret code of love. A lot of us appear to have forgotten that in the earlier days, extracurricular relations was a scarcity. From aristocrats to servants, marital relationships and connections were frequently offered as commands and also options of people in higher power and authority for political, spiritual, product and also personal gains. Hence, there are the fantastic love tragedies of “” Romeo and Juliet”” and also “” Abelard and Heloise””, along with many others who were heedlessly maltreated for their innocent expression of love. These unfortunate love stories left a number of us wondering, why is it so hard to love and what resembles to experience that deepness of love?

Free choice enjoy has made much progress in the 21st century with the evolution of humans’ love experiences, technical advancement, and social adjustments. In today’s even more liberal societies, individuals are offered the flexibility to choose and share their affections as well as desires to the topics of their affection with little or no repercussions. Nevertheless, in societies where we can freely choose whom we wish to love, we have actually witnessed a rise in divorce price, a decline in marital relationship price, and more people postponing marital relationship for various factors.

Duality of Love

Yet regardless whether we follow the “” Abelard and Heloise”” love version of ‘complying with one to the end of the Hell’ to ‘you are simply among the 100 individuals that I am seeing and what is your name once again?’, we experience the universal conditions of satisfaction and discomforts, the coming together, as well as the supreme disintegration of love and relationships, regardless of how little or just how much we enjoy. No matter how much wealth and also power one possesses, one is still based on others’ emotional and also physical disobediences.

So, if we know the utmost end to any kind of love and partnership, why are we still non-stop seeking love, whether it is in the type of a dedicated monogamous connection or sleeping with as lots of people as we can? What is it that we seek in our teens, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and approximately the moment of our death? And also if we are to look back at our lives, would certainly we be sorry for the moments we did not attempt more difficult, the people we have injured, as well as a lot of excruciating of all, we easily released that person that awakens our heart, only to learn so too late.

Enjoyments and pains are the twin bros of love. We can not anticipate one as well as not the other. We believe we should have God-like love and also it is somebody else’s duty to make us satisfied. If we desire God-like love, then we must place in God-like job. If we are not ready to open our hearts to experience reasonings, disappointments, and discomforts in experiencing love, how can we request for a love that brings us happiness? If we are not going to overcome our egos and also karmic conditionings, how we can show up a love that brings us suggesting? If we are not willing to heal our souls’ deepest wounds, how can we anticipate to live without pain?

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